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INSTRUCTIONS FOR FLORIDA SUPREME COURT APPROVED FAMILY LAW FORM 12.9-PARENTING PLAN When should this form be used? This form should be used in all cases involving time-sharing with any minor child(men),
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Who needs a Parenting plan?

This form is used by parents of children in all cases of time-sharing, even if it’s not in dispute. If the parties agree on the conditions of the plan, they sign it and file the document with the clerk of the circuit court in Florida state.

What is the Parenting plan for?

This plan is used at the court hearing. The document describes how the parties will share their responsibilities and daily tasks concerning the upbringing of their children. The time-sharing schedule indicates the time the children will spend with each parent. When creating the parenting plan, all factors of the relationship between the parents should be taken into account. The main purpose of this plan is to defend the interests of the children.  If the parents don’t make the parenting plan themselves, the court will order them to make it.

What documents must accompany the Parenting plan?

As a rule, the plan is required during the divorce process, so it’s accompanied by all the documents related to this process.

When is the Parenting plan due?

This legal document is to be made before the date of the hearing, as it is used during the hearing itself.

What information should be provided in the Parenting plan?

This document has the following sections for completing:

  • Basic information about the case

  • Information about the parents

  • Information about the children

  • Parental responsibility (shared, sole

  • Time-sharing schedule (weekday and weekends; holidays; winter break; spring break; summer break; number of overnights)

  • Transportation and exchange of children

  • School designation

  • Designation of custodian for other legal purposes

  • Communication

  • Child care

  • Resolving of the disputes

  • Other provisions

Both parents have to sign and date the form. Their signatures have to be certified by the notary public or deputy clerk.

What do I do with the Parenting plan after its completion?

The completed and signed plan is filed with the court clerk. Copies of the plan are kept by both parents.

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Instructions and Help about parenting plan florida form
This is the last part and and probably the part most people are most concerned about and that is the parenting plan now for anyone here who is not getting a dissolution of marriage the parenting plan action can stand alone you can bring a parenting plan action if you have children with someone even though you're not married to them and then at the top of your case instead of saying on your court papers in ray the marriage of Jane Doe and John Doe will say in ray the parenting of and have your children's initials and then it'll have you as the petitioner and respondent in that action so a parenting plan doesn't have to be part of a divorce it can be a separate proceeding this the parenting plan is what we used to call custody we don't have custody and visitation in Montana anymore I will probably accidentally use those terms but we have parenting plans and parenting time instead this includes where the children will live most of the time when they'll spend time with the other parent who will pay if the children have to travel for parenting time and anything else that has to do with the kids the parenting plan is supposed to be decided based on the best interests of the children and Montana cares enough about that that they actually spell it out in the statutes and if you're one of those people that looks everything up on the internet this is the Montana Code Annotated section 40 - 4 - 2 12 and it gives a list and while the list is not everything that can be considered it's a pretty good list of the considerations that the court will make the court will consider the wishes of the parents the wishes of the child how the child interacts with the parents and their siblings and anybody else who's significantly involved with the child's life the child adjustment to their home their school in their community the mental and physical health of all the people involved physical abuse or threat of physical abuse against a parent or a child chemical dependency on the part of either parent continuity and stability of care that means the court likes it if the kids have stability and aren't uprooted the child's developmental needs especially if the child has special needs the court does not like it if a parent has purposely not helped pay for birth related expenses that they could have paid for or or fail to support them in other ways the court likes the child have frequent and continuing contact with both parents assuming that that's appropriate under the circumstances the court will take into consideration whether anyone in the household has been convicted of certain crimes those would occur include crimes like homicide rape and child abuse types of crimes and that the court doesn't like parents to run into court over and over again fighting over the parenting plans so it will frown on continued actions once a parenting plan has been decided now it's I can't give you any definitive answer for how anybody's specific circumstance is going to turn out but I can...
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